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Home office with walls painted horizontally in three neutral shades and a brown baseboard, behind a wooden desk and chair.

Victorian Paint Colours

The largest group of period homes in the UK are of Victorian heritage as this period was a time of great ingenuity. Discover our Victorian paint colours below.

Traditional Victorian Paint Colours

Reflecting the time, Victorian Era colours have a strong identity in themselves; often the colours used were darker than is the current taste. For a more contemporary interpretation of the décor, choose a lighter shade of the original Victorian paint colour.

A star amongst this list of traditional paints identified by Little Greene is French Grey. This subtle and sophisticated Victorian period paint colour is the queen of greys in its warmth and generosity; it combines delightfully with almost all brighter and strident shades. French Grey is the go-to colour where a warm and neutral backdrop for decoration is required. Many other shades from the Victorian period have found favour too, including Portland Stone, Bath Stone and Ashes of Roses.

Using Victorian Paint Colours in Your Home

The energy and prosperity of the Victorian era was highlighted in interiors through the use of strong paint colours in combination with dark coloured woods and textiles. Authentic Victorian paint colours from this era include Ashes of Roses, Sage Green and Bronze Red – in contemporary settings these are often teamed with lighter versions of the originals to give light and space to a room
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Close-up of a pale pink wall painted in 'Dorchester Pink - Pale' and a matching colored lampshade in the front.

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Five Little Greene paint samples and Color Card in front of a grey background with white and light pink flowers on the side.

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